Annual Meeting 2019 in Jerusalem – June 13, 2019

The Einstein Institute

We have winners in the Poster competition.

Here is the decision of the committee consisting of Dr. Tomer Schlank from HUJI and Dr. Gal Binyamini from Wizmann instiutute.

Judging by quality of mathematical results as well as presentation, the following winners have been selected:

1st place: Shay Sadovsky, (TAU) “Mixed Volume Inequalities for Anti-Blocking Bodies”.

2nd place: Renan Gross, (Weizmann) “A conformal Skorokhod embedding”.

3rd place: Adi Weller-Weiser, (HUJI) “Harmonic functions vanishing on a cone”.


Parallel Sessions (and organizers)

  • Algebra – Room 201 – Lior Bary-Soroker and Eitan Sayag.
  • Analysis – Room 213 – Gidi Amir and Nir Lev.
  • Applied Mathematics – Room 102 – Haggai Katriel and Raz Kupferman.
  • Discrete Mathematics – Room 115 – Roy Meshulam, Shakhar Smorodinsky, and Martin Golumbic. Joint with the 19th Haifa workshop on Interdisciplinary applications of graphs, combinatorics and algorithms.
  • Geometry and Topology – Room 202 – David Blanc and Ruth Lawrence-Neimark.
  • Math Education – Room 25 – Boris Koichu and Alon Pinto.
  • Poster Session – Lobby of the IIAS, together with the coffee – Noam Kolodner and Ary Shaviv
Geom & Top
Math Edu
14:20 A. Shalev
B. Weiss
B. Barzel
C. Keller
L. Yanovski
N. Keller, E. Sheiner
15:00 O. Gorodetsky
B. Slomka
E. Olami
M. Simkin
S. Ghosh
Y. Godin, T. Dreyfus
15:30 Poster Session and Coffee Break
16:20 S. Reif
A. Kiro
N. Rabin
F. Mousset
C. Sadanand
A. Berman
17:00 G. Binyamini
G. Kozma
T. Savin
I. Nachum
Y. Ganor
A. Pinto
17:40 A. Segal
S. Snir
S. Mozes
M. Katz
B. Koichu

Organizing committee: Yair Glasner (chair), Ron Adin, Crystal Hoyt, Tomer Schlank.

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