IMU Meetings

Annual meeting 2020 of the IMU in Afeka college, Tel Aviv: June 14th, 2020.

The conference will feature two Wolf talks (by the 2020 Wolf prize laureates, Sir Simon Kirwan Donaldson FRS and Prof. Yakob Eliasberg), the traditional Erdos Talk, the parallel sessions (in applied math, algebra, analysis and geometry, discrete mathematics and theory of computer science, mathematics education, geometry and groups, set theory and logic, ergodic theory and dynamical systems) and the first ever Lightning Talks in mathematics.

The plenary lightning talks will consist of six 10-minute talks given by students on exciting new research that they are conducting. The speakers will be decided upon by a special committee, with monetary prizes given to the three winners. The guidelines for participation in this contest will be given in a separate email and appear on the website of the meeting. Please encourage eligible students to participate, as this is a wonderful opportunity to present their work.  

Joint IMU-DMV (German Mathematical Society) meeting 2021, Jerusalem: March 8-10, 2021.

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